Blooom ブルーム

Three functions in this thinness.
Soft ink needle tip Φ0.7 black and red and Φ0.5 sharp pencil.
This ultra-thin multi-functional pen with a shaft diameter of only 8.4 Φ is perfect for business use and fits in a diary ring.
The body made of brass has a moderate weight and stabilizes the writing experience.
The fine knurling grip prevents slipping.

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●Size: Length 136mm, Shaft Diameter 8.4mm(max 12mm)
●Weight: 19.2g
●Material: Barrel & Knock: Brass , Clip: SK & POM
●Ball size: 0.7 mm(soft ink black/red) , Lead size 0.5 mm

R-4C7NP Black・Red φ0.7

Packing 2/40