2mm thick lead with a pencil’s retro look.
Ideal for creative work such as sketching.
The thick lead makes it possible to write large and thick characters.
Just fit bold body.

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●Size: (Body) Length 136.5mm, Shaft Diameter 11mm
●Weight: 11g
●Barrel: Natural wood, Taper/Knock: Brass
●Lead size: 2.0 mm (HB)

■Spare lead(Φ2.0×90㎜) Packing; 10/100
●HB(5 leads) SL-152/HB5P
●B(3 leads) SL-152/B3P
●2B(3本入) SL-152/2B3P
●3B(3 leads) SL-152/3B3P

■Eraser(2pc pack)) Unit pack; 10pc
●APS-680E Eraser
■SPN-70 (2㎜ lead sharpner Material: PP) 70円 Unit pack: 10pc
●SPN-400(2mm lead sharpner Material: Brass) Unit pack: 10pc
■SPC-350Lead case Material: Brass Unit pack: 10pc