Yuuki Factory

What we do here:
■Manufacture and development of  Ballpoint pen tips
■Ink formulation and development
■Manufacture and assembly of various quality refills
■ Assembly of Free Ink Roller pen and Metal pens
   OHTO’s Yuuki factory is capable of manufacturing Ballpoint pen tips, formulation of ink, assembly of Free Ink Roller pen, Metal pens and Refills etc.
   This is one of the few factories in Japan that can comprehensively manufacture Tip, Ink and Assembly in-house.

Production without any compromise on quality!
> Manufacture of Free Ink Roller Pens
> Ink formulation
> Assembly of parts
> Printed foil transfer processing
> Writing test, etc.
Each process is automated. 

OEM and Customization

Ink research & development

  All products are inspected strictly to ensure that there are no quality problems, and only those that pass our strict inspection standard, are shipped.

OHTO’s  Tip manufacturing technology:   
   The manufacturing of a ballpoint pen tip is very precise technology and
there are only a few factories in Japan that can manufacture them.
Among them, OHTO has been manufacturing tips for half a century.
Our manufacturing technology, which is based on the know-how of our long history, has been evaluated highly worldwide, and we are proud of the quality.
We will continue to manufacture pens with absolute confidence.

Tip manufacturing machines

Long history as a tip manufacturer