Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend our Free Ink Roller Pen or Soft Ink Roller Pen all available in Black.

Our Free Ink Roller Pens contain pigmented water-proof ink. Besides, soft ink roller pen are also water-proof because the ink is oil-based.

0.3mm = 005
0.4mm = 01
0.5mm = 02
0.7mm = 03
1.0mm = 05
1.5mm = 10

You can check the refill at Products page

That is a protective wax that preserves the ink and protects the pen tip. Simply remove it before writing.

Pen parts for repair are not available for supply.

You are requested to contact with the shop where you have bought the pen.

You are requested to contact at the shop where you have bought it. 

Our fountain pen nib is attached with the grip, and it is not possible/available to replace it.

We do not supply spare eraser of APS-350ES/APS-280E

European size fountain pen ink cartridge fits in our fountain pen.

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