Smart, knob-free clip that can securely clamp 40 sheets of copy paper.
Reusable clip.
Includes 18 gacha clips.
Designed for ease of use, this clip is a unique design only available from OHTO.
* GACHUCK design is OHTO registered trade mark.

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●Size: (body) 26 x 117 x 22mm
●Weight: 29g
●Material: Body: Recycled ABS (transparent PC) , Slider: POM
* Includes 18 gacha clips (stainless steel)

GACHA CLIP(medium)
GGS-3E(30 clips) 
GGS-5 (50 clips)
GGS-5N (50 clips)
GGS-8 (100 clips)
GGS-14 (200 clips)
GGS-35 (500 clips)
GGS-5S (40 smile gacha clips)
GGC-5S (24 smile color gacha clip)

Packaging 10/100