You can use three different types of gacha clips(thin, medium and thick) in 3 WAY GACHUCK!
Conventional medium-sized gacha clips (up to 40 sheets of copy papers), thin type gacha clip(up to 20 sheets of copy papers) and thick type gacha clip (up to 55 sheets of copy paper).
In addition, the slider for easier extrusion, upward extrusion and continuous feed of clips.

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●Size: (body) 30 x 138.7 x 27.2mm
●Weight: 28.7g
●Material: Body: Recycled PC , Slider: POM
●Clip: Thin, medium and thick gacha clip (stainless steel)

GGU-5 (55 clips[thin])
GGS-5 (50 clips[medium])
GGS-5N (50 clips[medium])
GGA-5 (45 clips[thick])