Anti-bacterial Ceramic Pen Cutter

Launching New Ceramic Pen Cutter with antibacterial specifications!
The body and foil printing with antibacterial agent, are antibacterial.
You can use it safely and cleanly.
* “Antibacterial” does not guarantee the effect against specific bacteria.

Antibacterial Ceramic Pen Cutter
A safe design that allows even children to handle it freely.
Blade exposed as little as possible, thus possible injuries are minimized.
Convenient to carry, lightweight and easy to hold, ideal for curved cutting and design work such as cutting out newspapers and magazines.
It is also convenient for opening envelopes and plastic bags and cutting wraps.
* It is not a single-cut cutter.
Please be sure to use it with a guardian when using it by children.

● Abrasion resistance and longer shelf-life (5 times that of metal blades).
● Does not rust even when it gets wet.
● Pen type that is convenient to carry.

● Size

135 mm x Φ10 mm(max 14 mm)
● weight: 6.1 g
● Material body: PP Pen tip: POM, Endplug: PP, Blade: Ceramic

Unit pack, 5Pack packet