Tip structure
High quality, extra hardness, corrosion resistant and rust free
SiC ceramic ball is used at the tip. The optimal convexity and concavity of the ball surface improves the flow of ink
The tip of the ball is made of SiC ceramic ball, which is corrosion-resistant and rust-free.
The writing tip has a new structure that enables smooth writing even when lying down written

Newly developed quick-drying gel ink
Newly developed quick-drying gel with colorful black ink that makes write out easy to read!
Ink is more easily absorbed into the paper and dries more quickly.
Reduces surface soiling of paper due to cover loss or rubbing after writing

WATER PROOF/FADE PROOF  ➡ perfect for official documents

In addition, the new ink uses a highly safe preservatives that complies with the “European Biocide Product Regulation”.

Metal body
Conforms to international standard ISO27668
G2 standard compatible refill metal body
<Advantage of Metal body refill>
The use of an air tight metal pipe in the body reduces ink evaporation and provides writing stability and resistance to shock.
Metal body combined with SiC ceramic balls drastically improved storage stability
In addition, the inner diameter of the pipe has been widened to increase the ink volume by 30% and extend the writing distance, thereby reducing the stress of running out of ink quickly.

This refill is used in the product: GS02


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