“The history of the ballpoint pen is the history of OHTO” and the history of tomorrow will be created!

   Our company has developed wide a range of writing instruments, mainly ballpoint pens, and paper clips such as Gachuck, etc.
We celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2019.
We would like to thank you for your support to our products for over a century.

  Stationery is only a small part of our daily life.
We want to make our customers happy for that part of life.
This is our happiness.

   In 1949, we were the first in the world to commercialize  ballpoint pen, which had been difficult to commercialize.
Later on, we launched water-based ink ballpoint pen(present day it is called Roller Pen), attaching a rubber cushion to the pen’s grip, etc.
   We have developed and served our customers with many technologies that are now common.
With an insatiable spirit and continuous improvement, we aim to create a new history.

Kashimura Tomoaki, President