Ceramic Roller Refill C-300 series

    Recognized throughout the world for their superior performance,
OHTO Ceramic Roller Refill complies with the ISO 14145 international standard.
Experience smooth, effortless and enjoyable writing with these Ceramic Roller Refill by OHTO,
pioneer manufacturer of Roller Pen.

SiC Ceramic Ball

The ball of the C-300 is made of high quality and hard
SiC (silicon carbide) ceramic.

[ Features ]

Appropriately uneven surface

BALL possess unlimited craters on the surface.Natural reservation of ink on these crators help to give ultra smooth writing contineously.

Diamond like hardness

SiC Ceramic ball is
as hard as diamond,
and very difficult
to deform.

Thus, the ball perform smooth rotation always.

Stable chemical property

■Chemical resistance
■Corrosion resistance
■Friction resistance
SiC Ceramic ball performs excellent storage stability because the ball does not rust.
Additionally, it is very strong against corrosion and friction

[ No rust Ceramic Ball ]

[Corrosion of T.C.Ball]

Non-dry mechanism

   In 2013, the newly developed non-dry mechanism was patented (No. 5371571) for its uniqueness.
Water-based ballpoint pen refills need to replace the air residue in the pen when the ink runs out. If the air is not replaced, a vacuum will form, causing problems such as ink blowing out. Therefore, it is necessary to have a hole (air exchange hole) to let air in.
Conventional water-based refills have a small hole in the front part for air exchange.So air comes into direct contact with the ink feeder or reservoir.If forget the cap on, the nib would dry out, and would not be able to write.
To solve this problem, OHTO have developed a unique mechanism that prevents air from direct contact to the ink feeder and reservoir. As a result, water-based ballpoint pens equipped with the OHTO C-300 are free from drying out even if the capping is forgotten.