Slide Clipper – SOFT

Easy one-touch attachment and removal.
Made of polypropylene to prevent damage to your fingers.
Comes with a push-piece holder for easy carrying.
Can hold up to 20 sheets of A4 paper.
Slide-Clipper does not use a strong spring.
It is the most efficient way to use the clip with the minimum force necessary to fasten and unfasten documents.
Thick documents can be fastened and removed by simply pushing and pulling on them, making it easy to clamp and loosen with minimal effort.

Slide clipper-SOFT
SLP-SL-PK (3 warm colors, pink, orange, and yellow, 2 each, for a total of 6)
SLP-SL-BL (3 warm colors, 2 each of blue, green and light green, 6 pieces in total)
SLP-SL-A (1pc each color, 6pc total)

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●Material: Cover PC,  Slider PP, Holder PET
●Weight: 26.8g

Packaging: 5/50