Super Clip-L

Comfortable and smart to use clip.
It can hold up to 40 sheets of copy paper.
The Super Clip is a simple yet highly efficient clip with a simple structure.
It’s easy and convenient to use, and it’s also a good choice for those who want clipping smartly.
The clip can be used comfortably in the most common situations in which it is used.
The holes in the clip can also be pieced together to match the holes in the punch. It is also ideal for protecting punch holes.
Super Clip L
SC-380S(Silver S, 35 clips)
SC-380C(Color S 25 clips)
SC-400 (Silver S 50 clips)
SC-800(Silver S 100 clips)
SC-800/BOX(Silver S 100 clips)

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●Material: Stainless