Rays Gel Ink Roller 0.5mm

Traditionally designed quality product available in 11 different body colors.
Equipped with Flash Dry Gel refill, which has dramatically improved quick-drying performance.
Excellent compatibility with 0.5Φ needle tips
The distinctive clip makes a statement of individuality.

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●Size (Body) Length: 138.5 mm, Shaft diameter: 9.5 mm, Maximum width: 12.4 mm(Cerise〉Width: 41 mm, Height: 195 mm, Depth: 9.8 mm
●Weight (Body) 13.3g
●Material: Front shaft & Knock: ABS, Rear shaft & Clip: Steel , Taper: Brass
●Ball diameter 0.5 mm

PG-105NP クロ(Φ0.5 ゲルインク)

  1. Packaging(box):10/100
  2. Packaging(selis bag): 5/100