Easy to hold, easy to write!
Equipped with Flash Dry Gel refill, which has dramatically improved quick-drying performance.
The unique body shape, which changes from a hexagonal to round, makes for an exquisite feeling of holding.

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Item: NKG-605H
Name: Horizon
Ink: Ultra fast dry Gel Flash Dry Gel
Refill: PG-105NP(0.5mm) Black
Body: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green
Size: Full length: 136.4mm, Diameter: 9 – 10.1mm(max 11.2mm)
Weight: 16.4g
Material: Body: Aluminium, Clip: SK, Knock/Taper: Brass

PG-105NP(G2 type) Black (Φ0.5 Needle tip, Gel ink)