DUDE Ceramic Roller Pen


The distinctive hexagonal body, has an urban design with an urban impression.
This pen is equipped with a non-dry ceramic roller refill C-305, a unique design that prevents the tip from drying out even if you forget to put the cap on.
SiC ceramic ball gives the pen a special writing feel that can only be achieved by OHTO, the company that developed the world’s first water-based ballpoint pen.

Once you experience writing with OHTO Ceramic Roller Pen, probably you can not compromise it with any other pens.

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Item: CB-10DD
Name: Dude
Refill: C-305 Ceramic Roller Refill(0.5mm Black ink)
Body: Black, Silver
Size: Full length: 138mm, Diameter: 12.8mm(max 13.6mm)
Weight: 29.2g
Material: Cap/Barrel: Aluminium, Taper: Brass , Clip: SK, Grip: Aluminium, Cap/End plug: Brass
Spare refill: C-300 series

Ceramic Roller Refill C-305P