primeo 0.5



Free Ink Roller Pen
with innovative OHTO Free Ink technology
provides a consistent and smoother writing from start to finish.

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Water resistance of Ink: Document proof(ISO 14145-2 DOC)
Shelf life > 36months
Writing distance: 1500meter(average)
Writing distance figures are according to our internal writing test machine.
Depending on the conditions of the environment (paper, pen pressure, etc.)
the data may change.
Drying time of written lines: Immediately
Cap-off ink does not run dry even if the cap is removed for 2 – 3days
( Material ):
SUS/Writing ball: Tungsten Carbide
Clip: SUS
Cap, Capplug, Barrel, Endplug: PP
Taper: POM
Regulator: ABS
Feeder: Polyster
Available ink color: