CELSUS Fountain Pen_oem


Designed and assembled at OHTO’s Yuki factory, and carefully crafted, the universal design is one of OHTO’s best products.
The gripper makes it easy to hold and the cartridge type makes it easy to use.
The perfect choice for people who want to use a fountain pen from now on.
Black ink cartridges (2 cartridges)

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  • Cap/Barrel: Aluminum
  • Taper/End plug: Brass
  • Clip: SK
  • Grip: Elastomer
  • Nib: Steel

●Full length: 142mm, Diameter: 13.2mm(max 16.7mm)

●21.7g (without ink cartridge)

●Black, Brown, Silver, Wine red, Blue

●FCR-6(Black ink)